What Impurities Do Water Purifiers Eliminate from Your Water?

Water purifiers are among the most common and effective ways to get pure and safe water. They can eliminate even the tiniest contaminants and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your water. In this article, we will outline four types of impurities that water purifiers remove from your water, ensuring you have clean, pure, healthy, and fresh drinking water.

Four Common Impurities Found in Water

1. Physical contaminants

These are visible particles or substances that can affect the appearance and texture of water. Physical contaminants like sediment, sand, and debris arising from soil erosion and sedimentation have the potential to cause nausea or irritation in the intestine. Aquaguard water purifier like Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline has an advanced multi-stage purification process that effectively eliminates fine suspended particles like dust, dirt, mud, and sand from water, leaving you with pure and safe water. The water purifier also has an Alkaline Booster Cartridge that instantly increases the pH level of the water and makes it Alkaline.

2. Chemical contaminants

Chemical contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, and industrial pollutants may cause kidney disease, abdominal pain, or skin discoloration. Aquaguard water purifiers like Aquaguard Vector RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier come with advanced RO and UV filtration that eliminate harmful chemical contaminants and the advanced Taste Adjuster gives you sweet-tasting water.

3. Biological contaminants

Biological contaminants include viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasites. These contaminants may lead to health issues such as diarrhea, viral fever, pneumonia, or cholera. Aquaguard has a wide range of RO water purifiers that remove contaminants like lead and mercury and disease-causing viruses and bacteria. If you are curious to learn more about RO water filter prices, features, and other details? Click here.

4. New age contaminants

New-age contaminants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium give rise to new worries regarding water quality. But, with Aquaguard’s RO+UV water purifiers, you can get rid of new-age contaminants. The advanced RO eliminates disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and new-age contaminants like lead and mercury. The UV, on the other hand, disinfects water and gives you water that’s pure and safe as water boiled for 20 minutes.

Take Away

By now you must have understood that these impurities can be tackled with an Aquaguard water purifier. Aquaguard offers a wide range of water purifiers that come with multi-stages of purification, treating your water in different ways to eliminate disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Aquaguard water purifiers are also equipped with Active Copper and Zinc Technology and Mineral Guard Technology that infuses natural nutrients like copper, zinc, magnesium, and calcium, providing you with water that’s pure, safe, and healthy. Therefore, if you are planning to get a water purifier machine for your home, opt for Aquaguard.

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