Unleash Your Charm With A Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip For Men

Unleash Your Charm With A Horn Chestnut Shaped Lip For Men

Do you like it or not? In today’s date, the person is judged upon his appearance. Smile is one of the essential factors with which a person’s personality is considered. Perfect lips help you to have a pretty smile on your face. Today plastic surgeries are trending where you can fix any part of your body, especially your lips. Horn chestnut shaped lip for men (ปากกระจับชาย, which is the term in Thai) are trending and becoming one of the skincare routines for men. It helps the men not only to have a seductive look but also helps in improve their overall appearance.

About Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip For Men

Horn chestnut-shaped lip for men exudes a captivating and masculine allure. With a gentle curvature and subtle fullness, this lip shape creates a sense of symmetry and balance that enhances your facial attractiveness.

Many people think this lip shape surgery is the same for men and women? The procedure for both men and women is the same, but lip shaping during the process slightly varies. For men, the medium chestnut is not so wide as it gives a sweet look to the face. But if the patient wants a charming look, the doctors can make it wider during the procedure.

Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip For Men Can Resolve

While lip shapes are primarily determined by genetics, specific techniques and cosmetic options like lip surgeries can help relieve mouth problems. Surgeries like horn chestnut-shaped lips for men can resolve the following mouth problems:

  • thick mouth
  • withered mouth
  • hanging mouth
  • drooping corner of the mouth

This surgery is not for everyone; therefore, it would always be wise to consult the doctor and decide upon the surgery.

Surgery Or Filler Injection, Which Is Better?

You can have a horn chestnut-shaped lip in two ways, one with surgery and another simple with the filler injection. Both methods are important and have their own advantages and limitations.


With the surgical procedure, the look changes forever, making the face look naturally beautiful. It takes a long time to recuperate and is more challenging to fix. Also, it would be best to take more care of the surgical wound afterwards.

Filled Injections

Filler injection is a trending and non-surgical way to have a horn chestnut-shaped lip. Injections are injected to make your face look plump. But the issue with this method is you cannot have long-lasting or permanent effects of this treatment. You will come into your original look after 8-12 months of the procedure.

Sergio Hartman