The Impressive Results Of Soberlink Remote Alcohol Monitoring

The Impressive Results Of Soberlink Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Using data analysis for the first time to present alcohol monitoring results, the industry leader in remote alcohol monitoring, Soberlink, unveiled Advanced Reporting today. It will be much easier for those who receive Soberlink’s reports to interpret test results with Advanced Reporting than it is without this feature. Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting is a game-changing innovation that streamlines the reporting process while also making it more user-friendly.

Using a professional-grade breathalyzer, face recognition, and wireless connection, Soberlink monitoring developed an enhanced remote alcohol monitoring system in 2011 that provides immediate results and data. With its new intelligent reporting function, the firm continues to lead the market in producing industry-first solutions.

In the past, alcohol monitoring systems did not place a high value on providing users with results that were simple to understand. Only one month’s worth of data could be deciphered by designated persons, such as those in alcohol addiction rehabilitation groups, workplace compliance specialists, and family law parties involved.

All of Soberlink’s markets may benefit from Advanced Reporting, which translates raw data into valuable insights.

  • Long-term recovery from substance abuse is made possible by the use of Advanced Reporting, which gives recovery groups and treatment experts immediate access to information regarding a monitored client’s recovery progress so they may act when required.
  • It’s simple to comb through years of data on one or more monitored customers thanks to Advanced Reporting. Automated processes have made it possible to execute tasks that would have previously taken hours.
  • By giving clear data and warnings that enable fast action if required, Advanced Reporting enhances child safety throughout parenting time. For lawyers and judges who need to study and evaluate the monitored client’s outcomes, the easy-to-read reports further minimize litigation.

Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting is currently the most intelligent and user-friendly reporting solution in the world.


  • Easy-to-read test icons in Green, Yellow, and Red at a glance view
  • Result summaries are generated automatically and one of three possible conclusions is displayed: Achieved, Failed, or Failed to Achieve
  • On-demand reporting for daily and weekly as well as monthly intervals
  • On a single page, you can see all of your testing histories.
  • Test results are summarized at the end of each report.

By being the most intelligent and convenient remote alcohol monitoring technology firm, Advanced Reporting supports Soberlink’s purpose of promoting responsibility for sobriety, child safety, and long-term rehabilitation.

A thorough alcohol monitoring system is one way that Soberlink encourages people to take responsibility for their sobriety. The compact design and cutting-edge technology incorporate face recognition, tamper detection, and real-time results provided to selected persons, combining a professional breathalyzer with a wireless connection. When it comes to addiction rehabilitation, employment compliance, and family law, Soberlink is a go-to. Soberlink is a reliable and accurate way to prove one’s sobriety and give one confidence in one’s own recovery. If you want to read what the people say about sober link alcohol monitoring then you can read Soberlink reviews by real customers here.

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