Having A Low Milk Supply? Here Is A Small Guide

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It is a fact that the most nutritious food for a newborn baby is his mom’s breast milk. It provides the best nutrition to the baby and creates a better bond between a mom and child. A low breastmilk supply (น้ำนมน้อย, which is the term in Thai) sometimes becomes a problem for a new other. Various factors affect the breastmilk production and supply. Let us discuss breastmilk production and understand the different ways to improve it. 

Mechanism Of Breastmilk Production

A mother’s body starts producing milk when the baby is in the womb. The hormones in the mother’s body are responsible for doing that. When the baby is born and takes the first milk, the mother’s body starts generating the new one. The mother can also squeeze the breast or pump the milk with the help of the breast pump. It takes some time to stimulate a good amount of milk in the body according to the baby’s needs.

Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk?

You do not have to meet the doctor if your baby gets enough milk. Some signs will tell whether your baby is getting enough milk or not.

  • No Significant Weight Gain
  • Dehydrated Baby
  • Less Urination

If you see any of these signs, you may have a low breastmilk supply. You should ensure to offer milk frequently every 2-3 hours. 

How To Increase Breastmilk Supply?

Certain ways may help you to increase your milk supply and help your baby have a full and happy tummy. 

Have Foods That Help To Improve Breastmilk Supply

Do not worry if you experience a low breast milk supply. Search and start having foods that help increase milk production and supply. For example, you can have fenugreek seeds, fish, pork, legumes, yoghurt, milk products, etc.  

Stay Happy All Ever The Day

You may experience a low milk supply if you are stressed or tired. Therefore try to rest and stay happy and calm all day. 

Have Good Contact With Your Baby

Breastmilk production works like the marketing technique of demand and supply. Therefore make the baby drink the milk more often. Also, sometimes make him have contact with your breast for some time in a day. 

Pump Out The Milk

Pumping out the extra milk can also improve milk production. You can also use the breast pump available in the market to pump out the milk from your breast.

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