3 Ways to Differentiate a Maid and a Confinement Nanny in Singapore

A confinement lady or nanny in Singapore is a person with a very traditional role in Chinese culture. They are focused on caring for the newborn, the mother, and the rest of the family during the crucial period after delivery. Often employed for more than a month, the confinement period is a crucial recovery and rest period.

If you believe you might need confinement services in Singapore, think carefully about your decision. A confinement nanny does not come cheap. If you have a relative, friend, or loved one who can take care of you, you might not need one.

They essentially function as a stay in nanny in Singapore. They cook nutritious meals, perform a few other household chores, and tend to other responsibilities. But contrary to what it might seem, they are not an ordinary maid or nanny. Here are some of their responsibilities.

1. Confinement nannies only work through the postpartum period.

A domestic helper will usually stick around for months to years. A confinement nanny will usually stick around for only a month, or in some cases, up to half a year.

2. Confinement nannies have very specialised training.

Confinement nanny services in Singapore tend to be geared toward providing maximum comfort and assistance to new mothers. This means that confinement nannies are more highly trained than an average maid.

3. The duration of the stay of a confinement nanny per visit may vary.

You can hire a confinement nanny in Singapore that stays full time, or you can look for one that comes and goes. A domestic helper might need lodging.

A new mother will need some help to get their life and household back on track. By hiring from a confinement nanny agency in Singapore, you will not have to worry too much about being overwhelmed with your responsibilities. Reach out to them via their website.

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