What Are Chestnut Shaped Lips And Their Horn Type?

What Are Chestnut Shaped Lips And Their Horn Type

Facial features define beauty. Today in society, women want to look beautiful for that purpose; they use to change their body parts, and one of them is the Lips. The composition of the lips varies like the upper lip is thinner than the lower one.

No matter what kind of mouth you have, it should be referenced with the upper lip in the M-shape, and the lower lip corners of the mouth are raised. There is a type of horn chestnut-shaped lip (ทรงปากกระจับ, which is the term in Thai) which are shaped according to your required reference and design.

Let’s check out the shape the doctor helps you get and adjust according to your face.

  • Sai Wan Shape:

It is one for the girl who wants naturalness, sweet and soft lips. The shape is winged and the chest is not sharp and fierce.

  • Sexy Line Lips:

 Here, the Chestnut will be not wide and sweet; it will be rounded and pointed according to the preference. This style is used by girls to show the attractiveness, playfulness, and charm of seductiveness.

  • Brass Lips:

In this, the lips are emphasized fully while keeping it thick, the chest of the middle will be complete, and the shape of both sides is curved, so that looks classy and luxurious.

  • Korean Line Lips:

The lips will be smooth, natural, and healthy Chestnut.

Above are the type of horn chestnut-shaped lips from which you can decide which shape you want, and the doctor will evaluate the ratio of your lips, and according to that, they will give the body. It can be done by drawing a mouth shape to see the design.

There are many shapes, such as thin lips, sexy lips, sassy lips, and manly lips. And one of the recommended styles by the doctor is Sexy lips.

Why Is The Sexy Lip Shape Popular?

Most of the heroines do the same because it reflects their attractiveness. All the types of horn chestnut-shaped lips are best, but in this, the Chestnut is in the middle, not a puffy edge of the mouth with no stiffness.

A sweet face selfie and a beautiful smile will enhance the look. No matter what shape of the face is, this style smoothes the edges and emphasizes the corners of the mouth that look elegant.

Dwayne Calderon