Transform Your Skin With An Advanced Acne Scar Laser

Transform Your Skin With An Advanced Acne Scar Laser
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Acne is one of the biggest and oldest skin problems we may ever have. Our physical appearance gets affected before and during the acne on our face. It also affects our appearance when it goes off our face because the pores remain on the face. Whenever acne occurs on our face, it is difficult for us to face the world. We need more confidence to appear in front of people. There are various ways we can get rid of the acnes and pores, but with acne scar laser (เลเซอร์หลุมสิว, which is the term in Thai), you will feel the difference.

What Causes Acne Scars?

The main reason behind the occurrence of acne scars is inflammation. And another important reason is clogging acne on the face. Our skin normally helps cover itself after the acne, but it may not happen with inflammatory and collagen scars, it may not happen. To remove acne scars effectively, let us learn what are the types of acne scars:

Ice Pack Acne Hole:

This acne hole appears if you press or squeeze the pimple to remove it. It is less than 2mm in size, but too many of them can affect the overall appearance of your face.

Boxer Pimple Pit

It is a comparatively large acne hole caused by large inflamed acne and chicken pox. It is 3-5mm in size. It looks wide and can be visible.

Rolling Acne Pits

These acne pits occur on the upper level of our skin. Therefore they are easier to treat.

About Acne Scar Laser

There are various ways to treat acne, but acne scar laser is the most popular and safe treatment. It is an integrated treatment, and its advanced technology with fewer side effects makes it popular.

As there are different types of acne scars, there are different types of machines too. The doctor will choose the suitable one after looking at your skin type and acne scar condition. The professional can treat you with the following:

  • Fractional Rf Laser
  • Pico Laser
  • Fractional Co2 Laser

The Procedure

Before starting the treatment, the doctor or the skin professional will recommend you visit the clinic first. He will decide on the laser treatment you need for your skin. Later he will thoroughly clean your skin and apply an anesthetic all over your face. Then during the laser treatment, he will tell you to wear the glasses and apply moisturizer to avoid irritation after the treatment.

Remember to visit a recommended and reputed skin clinic like Aeon Medical for acne scar treatment.

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