Pediatric Dental Crowns: When Are They Necessary?

A healthy, attractive smile is something you as a parent desire for your child. Unfortunately, oral issues can occasionally develop that call for more than simple upkeep. Dental crowns are one of the available treatments for kids. However, when are they required? In this post, we’ll go through the circumstances in which pediatric dental crowns (ครอบฟันเด็ก, term in Thai) could be required and why they’re crucial.

Pediatric Dental Crowns: What Are They?

The dental crown is a cap that is affixed to a tooth that has been broken or decaying. Its purpose is to restore the tooth’s form, size, and function while strengthening and protecting it. Metal, porcelain, and resin are just a few of the materials that can be used to create dental crowns.

When would you require Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Pediatric dental crowns may be required in several circumstances, including:

1. Tooth decay:

A dental crown might be required if a child’s tooth is extremely decaying and cannot be repaired with a filling. The tooth will be completely covered by the crown, shielding it from future decay.

2. Trauma:

To prevent future damage to a child’s teeth after a dental accident, such as a fracture or a significant chip, a dental crown may be required.

3. Large cavities:

To repair the tooth’s function and stop additional decay, a dental crown may be required if a child has a large cavity.

4. Weak teeth:

Dental crowns may be required to preserve a child’s teeth from damage and decay if they are weak owing to a medical condition or a genetic issue.

How Important Are Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Pediatric dental crowns are essential for a child’s general oral health since they can support the preservation of the child’s natural teeth. Untreated decay or injury to a tooth can result in more decay, infection, or even tooth loss. Dental crowns may improve a child’s overall attractiveness and self-confidence while helping to restore their ability to chew and communicate properly.

Additionally, because they are stronger and stay longer than other restorative procedures like fillings, pediatric dental crowns are frequently selected. With the right maintenance, they may survive the daily abrasions of a child’s active lifestyle and last for many years.


Children who have had dental issues can benefit greatly from treatment with pediatric dental crowns. They can assist in maintaining a kid’s natural teeth, restoring their functionality and look, and enhancing their oral health. Ask your pediatric dentist whether dental crowns could be required if you are worried about your child’s oral health.

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