Microsurgery: Things to Know

The human body is nothing less than complicated machinery. All of the body parts and tissues play a great role in helping to maintain the body. But in many cases, we face some issues without health. From viruses to weather, from injuries to side effects of medicines, all of these affect our bodies in different ways. While medicines work wonders in treating some issues, sometimes we need the help of the knife and various therapies. Surgeries are procedures that remove certain parts or growths or reconstruct certain areas of the body.

Reconstruction procedures are performed when there is a certain difference from the standard built. It can happen due to some injury as well. Microsurgery is a procedure that is performed in order to replace tissues that are missing from a certain place. It is called microsurgery as it is performed on really tiny parts of the body like tissue and requires the help of an operating microscope.

The donor and recipient

The terms donor and recipients are nothing new in the field of the medical industry. In the case of microsurgery, both the recipient and the donor are the same person. The tissues are collected from the body and are moved to the place where there are missing tissues. In the case of donor tissue at a distance, surgeons need the help of microsurgery. Using a magnifying lens like microscope and other microsurgical instruments to perform a surgical procedure to connect blood vessels especially is called microsurgery.


The piece of tissue that is used to replace the missing part is called the flap. The flap must have proper blood supply before, during and as well as after the surgery. Sometimes the flap is kept disconnected from the body before it is reconnected to the body during the surgery. It is then called the free flap.