How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Watches?

With the advanced technology, people worldwide are becoming more interested in knowing their health conditions daily. The interest in monitoring their health with the help of wearable devices is on the rise. Especially for people with blood pressure issues, monitoring their health conditions are crucial. Hence, a blood pressure watch is a simple yet perfect solution for monitoring it on a real-time basis.

The Accuracy Of Blood Pressure Watches

Though these watches are convenient, there is always a question of accuracy. Eventually, it will be a technical product. People tend to judge it before using it because it takes time to trust technological products. However, these watches are highly convenient and also accurate to an extent. There are various methods to judge the accuracy of these watches.

Before getting into the explanation zone, it is essential to understand that blood pressure watches don’t use traditional measuring methods. The new method is very different. Traditionally, an inflatable cuff is used to measure the pressure condition. But with the help of watches, it uses optical sensors to measure the changes in the blood volume at the wrist. Hence, the accuracy of the outcome highly depends on factors such as the wrist size, the watch’s fit on the individual, and even the position of the watch on the wrist. 

Which Is The Best Way To Judge These Watches?

One of the best methods to judge the accuracy of these watches is by comparing the outcome with the traditional methods. Checking the blood pressure with the traditional device and then checking with the watch will help to understand the accuracy. As per a few research studies, it is assumed that the watches tend to provide an overestimated reading of blood pressure, which leads to confusion.

It is always advised to choose or buy a blood pressure monitoring watch that is tested and validated. You can also check the accuracy by comparing the readings taken by a professional healthcare individual. Get your doctor to examine it. It helps to verify the product’s legitimacy by checking the watch’s accuracy levels.

However, it is vital to comprehend that the reading accuracy of the watch may vary throughout the day. It affects majorly due to stress levels, physical exercise, running, and even specific medications. Hence, it is always advised to take multiple readings at various times of the day. It will assist us in deciding on the correct blood pressure reading.