Healthy Pregnancy: 5 Activities to Prevent Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy is hard labour and requires constant motivation to get through difficult days. Choosing to become a parent requires a deliberate decision process. Ask your partner: Are we ready to financially support our baby? Have we healed from our traumas? Is my body prepared for physical labour that may cause diastasis recti in Singapore? Nonetheless, you must answer all these questions before having a baby.

Not only do you need to prepare for financial needs, but you also have to prepare for possible physical changes. As such, you must learn how to prevent complications like diastasis recti. This article will teach you some activities to make your pregnancy healthy.

1. Avoid Lifting Heavy Items

Once you know you are pregnant, ensure you avoid lifting heavy items like going to the grocery store. Let your partner help you with physical activities to avoid straining your abdominal area. Or perhaps, you can take advantage of online shopping because you can have your items delivered right to your doorstep.

2. Try Some Diastasis Recti Exercises

Daily diastasis recti exercises can also help your body prevent such complications. Ask your doctor if the movement is good for your body. You can follow practices online to help your body adjust to the physical changes due to your pregnancy. Avoid sit-ups and crunches that put pressure on your core.

3. Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can help your body prevent pregnancy complications like diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse. You can visit your doctor to know what foods you should eat for better health. In doing so, you can keep your pregnancy problem-free.

4. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Of course, you must visit your doctor regularly to track your health progress during the pregnancy. This way, you can act fast when a complication arises. The doctor can also give medical solutions like pelvic organ prolapse treatment to maintain a healthy body. Your doctor can also provide advice that can keep your baby healthy.

5. Maintain a Proper Posture

You also need to maintain a proper posture to avoid abdominal complications. An appropriate spine alignment can keep your body healthier and prevent health issues before and after pregnancy. To have an appropriate posture, be mindful of your sitting position and breathing for a better posture.

Keep a healthy pregnancy with Orchard Clinic, which can help you prevent diastasis recti in Singapore. Contact them today to learn more about your pregnancy progress.

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