Freebase Juice Nicotine – Is It A Better Option?

If you have finally decided to switch from smoking to vaping, one of the most important things you should do is conduct thorough homework. A significant part of that homework is to choose which E-Liquids to use by deciding what you want from them. There are plenty of choices for freebase juice (น้ำยาฟรีเบส, term in Thai) and the options can be overwhelming, especially for someone who just recently made the switch.

Below are the Important Factors that Will Affect Your Decision

Consider the nicotine strength

The proper strength is a crucial first step. There are several strengths that you can choose from on the market today. If it’s too mild, it won’t prevent urges for cigarettes; if it’s too strong, it can be too harsh or leave you feeling dizzy. Higher nicotine levels, such as 18 mg to 20 mg, will likely be required for those trying to quit smoking normal cigarettes. However, nicotine may feel greater depending on various factors such as your manner of vaping, so don’t panic if you feel the need to reduce your strength sooner.

Weigh if you just want to chase clouds or take vaping as your route to quit smoking

When released, some E-Liquids are better at producing big clouds than others, making them ideal for covert vapers who don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

Check the available flavors

Do you favor more straightforward flavors such as classic menthol, fruit, and tobacco? Are you seeking more sophisticated flavors to improve your vaping, such as baked sweets or complex cocktails? Even this may allow for a preference for a freebase juice.

On a nutshell

Freebase Nicotine, the first nicotine e-liquid, is produced by purifying nicotine. Without increasing the dose, makes it more potent. This results in a potent hit that, when used with extremely high nicotine concentrations or by beginners, maybe a little too potent. These can also feel harder on the throat, making them more suited to smokers who are accustomed to or prefer the sensation of smoking cigarettes or those who choose to just puff occasionally during the day. The closest experience to smoking a cigarette is with an e-liquid containing Freebase Nicotine because it is in its purest form and allows for the exploration of more complex flavors.

Freebase Nicotine is a great way for you to enjoy a variety of flavors. It also gives you the option to lower the strength of nicotine minus the harsh effect on the throat, which is usually the case when smoking high strengths nicotine. Hence, it is perfect for people who want to eventually eliminate smoking and want to take the subtle route. If you have not tried freebase juices before, then you might want to consider one after reading this article. Head over the online market and you will find plenty of options for freebase juices. They come in different brands, strengths, and flavors, which makes choosing a pretty daunting task. Therefore, it is of utmost important to do your research well.

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