Dental Implant, New Dentistry Method with Surprising Result

Regardless of what happened, losing a tooth can be incredibly embarrassing. This dental problem can devastate your high self-confidence level by affecting your beauty and smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry advancements, dental specialists accommodate patients who have lost their teeth in an accident or infection to get back their teeth quickly. While there are various solutions to replace missing teeth, it is necessary to complete a thorough examination and take an x-ray. Your dentist will identify your problem and recommend an appropriate dental method to treat it properly. One of these methods that are so popular among people is the dental implant. These cosmetic dental methods function like your natural teeth and last forever, so people are interested in this method. As a dedicated dentist applying dental implants in downtown Toronto explains, “patients who have experienced dental implant surgery can admit that it is a less painful procedure than their expectations.” The dental implant is your response if you are searching for a definite treatment for your missing teeth. Continue reading to find out helpful information about this method.

What Is It?

A dental implant refers to the surgical fixture drilled into your jawbones and replaces the tooth root of missing teeth. It is the closest thing to mimicking a natural tooth because it stands on its own without having side effects on the surrounding teeth. The unique material used to make dental implants is titanium because it allows them to integrate with bone properly. Today, the success rate for dental implants is approximately 98{df9947e1a2ccbd6c7cc1ce9ba6ea7f3996bc5129a620b2d493e45f9ae092adb4} due to the significant improvement of this method’s outcome. And if you are worried about the cost of dental implant procedure, a professional dental specialist offering affordable dental implants cost explains that since these cosmetic dental treatments act as an anchor to provide a solid base for artificial tooth replacement, it is worth spending money on.

Why Would You Need It?

It doesn’t matter if you lost one, several, or all of your teeth; a dental implant is a successful dental treatment to replace your missing teeth. According to a dedicated dentist at a dental implants clinic in Vancouver, if you don’t replace your missing teeth with dental implants, you will face severe consequences. In dentistry, dental replacement aims to restore tooth function and esthetics. There are different options for teeth replacement, such as dentures and fixed dental bridges. As we mentioned above, there are additional benefits to choosing a dental implant over the other options.

Are There Different Types of Dental Implants?

Generally speaking, there are two various types of dental implants: endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal refers to the kind of implants that are fixed in the bone. However, subperiosteal refers to an implant placed on top of the jawbones strictly under the gum tissue. 

What Should You Do Before, During, and After Dental Implant Process?

First of all, in consulting with your dentists, they will visually check up on your mouth and the site where the dental implant is needed. Then thorough examination and an x-ray are asked by your implant surgeons to assess the quality and quantity of your jawbones. As a result, they will determine if more bone is needed in that area or not.

As everyone knows, every oral surgery may often involve a tooth or teeth extraction. If this process is needed, the dentist will inform you. The titanium post will be placed into the bone using a particular drill and tools when the site is prepared for the implant. After teeth implantation, you may have pain, so make sure to have some painkillers in stock and if you are allergic to any drug, inform your implant surgeon. Keep in mind that some minor bleeding is normal, and biting down a piece of clean gauze firmly for about an hour can be helpful to stop it. Don’t worry if the bleeding persists; biting down a moistened tea bag can be beneficial to promote blood clotting. The day after the surgery, you should avoid hot drinks and alcohol. It would be best to stay hydrated, and only cold drinks are advisable. Smoking should be restricted for successful healing because the nicotine in smoke reduces blood flow to the tissues and decelerates the healing process. Your dentist may prescribe you some antibiotics after the procedure to prevent infection. Make sure to take them on time. Take care of your implanted teeth like your natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing, and regularly visiting your dentist can be beneficial.