Come Prepared: 4 Ways To Prepare For Your First Visit To A Hand Surgeon

Like feet, hands are invaluable assets to everyone since they can give warmth to others, help themselves, and more. The problem is that no matter how careful a person is with their hands, wrist sprain and other hand problems are bound to happen for various reasons.

Consider seeing a hand surgeon in Singapore, no matter how trivial the hand problems you are experiencing. Doing so should help prevent your hand condition from worsening.


While those who want to see a hand surgeon can walk in, you should book an appointment. Not only does this take away the waiting time, but it allows you to complete the paperwork you need to fill up at home.


Once you have completed the paperwork, you should gather all of the x-rays, lab tests, and other procedures you have gone through, even if they are not related to your hands. Remember that a hand surgeon may not find clues when they read and check your medical records.


If you think that you have distal radius fractures that you cannot write with your dominant hands, ask others to write the following lists for you:

  • Medications
  • Medical conditions that run in the family
  • Habits/daily routine
  • A record of when the pain began


Besides helping you write down the lists mentioned above, you can also ask a family member or your closest friend to come with you. Their presence alone can help them become more comfortable. Your companion can also ask the hand surgeon in Singapore on your behalf if you are feeling anxious.

Being prepared can help calm your nerves. Whether you are suffering from a mummy’s wrist or finger fracture, seeing a hand surgeon eases your pain and improves your hand conditions.

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