Child Healthcare: 3 Reasons to Consult a Paediatric ENT

Medical care for children can be complicated, and parents may need to seek the advice of a specialist at times. An ENT specialist can help with many issues that affect children’s health, including ear, nose, and throat problems. Parents may become perplexed if their child receives care close to the one provided by a paediatrician. Here are some of the most common reasons parents seek out a paediatric ENT clinic  in Singapore for their children.

1. Cure chronic nosebleeds.

An ENT specialist is needed if a child suffers from frequent nosebleeds, and many need proper medication if the cause of the bleeding is indeterminable. If the bleeding persists, consult a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore for further evaluation.

2. Detect ENT infections.

In addition to ear infections, other infections that may necessitate an ENT consultation include multiple sinus infections in a year, recurrent tonsillitis, or frequent school absences due to sore throats or sinus infections. A child’s paediatrician is a place to start when dealing with a sinus or tonsil infection, both common among children. A visit to a child ENT specialist in Singapore may be necessary if these issues affect the child’s quality of life.

3. Cure chronic snoring.

ENT specialists should be consulted if the snoring persists for more than a few months, causing frequent awakenings, or if there is concern that the child stops breathing at night. Performing a thorough office exam is necessary, and a camera inserted into the child’s nostrils to view their upper airways may be used. Medical and surgical options are available from an ENT specialist in Singapore if they are needed.

An ENT specialist in Singapore treats a wide range of disorders, and this article serves as a guide to conditions that are common but may require additional treatment. Consult with Dr Jenica Yong today to get the proper treatment your child needs!