Bipolar Disorder: In Need of Attention

Mental health has been constantly gaining attention in recent years. With more and more people coming out with their struggles, it has become evident that it is more common than we could ever think. From celebrities to teenagers, the mental struggle is something that has been plaguing all over the world. While some try to hide their daily struggle behind a broad smile, some reach a state where they can no longer control a single thing. The struggle is real and this is quite evident now. Many public figures have come out with their struggle with mental health. Today we can find instances of people even young ones suffering from different disorders. One of such disorder is bipolar disorder, a well-known mental health issue that has gained enough attention.

Bipolar Disorder

It is not only common but also treatable. People suffering from BD or bipolar disorder happen to feel a depressive state and heightened emotions. These states are sometimes so severe that they interfere with daily activities. It requires having information about what is bipolar disorder (โรค ไบ โพ ล่า ร์ คือ โรค อะไร, term in Thai) to recognize it as it is often confused with depression. Previously called maniac depressive illness or maniac depression, BD is a common and serious mental health issue that leads to changes in mood. During maniac episodes, people feel extremely high energy while moments of depression make them feel indifference or sadness. It often causes to have issues with focusing on daily activities as well. It can affect concentration, appetite, self-esteem, and sleep. People suffering from BD can also have health issues like high blood pressure and migraines.

Types of BD

Though shifts in mood are a common feature of all BD, each type happens to have its own set of characteristics. Bipolar 1 is considered to be the classic type of Bipolar disorder where both depressive and maniac sates are present. The maniac episodes can last almost as long as a week. This period includes rapid speech, increased self-esteem, racing thoughts, decreased need for sleep, and increased energy along with changes in concentration and appetite. Sometimes they also feel both the states at the same time which is called the mixed episode. Episodes of psychosis are also not uncommon in the case of bipolar disorder. Episodes of psychosis render people unable to be sure of what is real and what is not. Symptoms of psychosis are seeing or hearing things that no one else can. They can even believe things that do not exist in reality.

Bipolar II

In this case, the maniac state is not as severe as the first type. The duration can also be shorter in this case. While psychosis is more common in Bipolar I, people suffering from Bipolar II can also experience it.

BD can be diagnosed during early adulthood and even in young children. Changes in brain function and structure can lead to this disorder. People having other mental issues can also develop this disorder. People having siblings or parents suffering from this disease are more at risk of having this disorder.

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