4 Things To Consider When Buying Insoles for Flat Feet

People who have flat feet, or pes planus, are more likely to have a combination of genes and environmental causes. It happens when your arches don’t fully form. People born with flat feet tend to stay that way unless they consult a specialist for treatment.

Aside from check-ups, wearing insoles for flat feet can also play a role in healing. Comfortable insoles help distribute pressure evenly throughout your feet, reducing foot pain. With the correct insoles, you can get the assistance you need from any pair of shoes, regardless of whether or not they are for flat feet.

Here’s how to choose yours.

1. Contains antimicrobial agent

If you are working or wearing your shoes throughout the day, you might feel insecure about the smell and how you think. Choose insoles for flat feet treated with an antimicrobial agent since they are less likely to stink.

2. No friction

Blisters and other foot ailments can be from friction, which raises the temperature and causes moisture. Keep your insoles moving quickly by using low-friction top coverings.

3. Various arch heights

Make sure you buy insoles for flat feet with more substantial arch support. You can feel more comfortable when moving if you have various arch heights to choose from since you can adjust a semi-custom fit.

4. Choose one-size-fits-all

Unless your doctor recommends a size to treat your flat feet, if you want the most affordable solutions, you can choose ones that are one size fits all. There is a direct relation between the number of insole sizes available and the quality and comfort of the insoles they provide.

Before purchasing or wearing insoles for flat feet, get a consultation and prescriptions from experts like East Coast Podiatry! They also offer to treat other conditions and provide foot drop treatment and bunions treatment without surgery. Contact them today.

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