4 Outline Phases Every Patient Needs To Know Before Getting Braces

While getting braces in Singapore can cost depending on what type of brace you want to use, braces are getting more affordable and accessible for many individuals with various dental needs. From Damon clear braces to Invisalign aligners, there are different braces one can find to suit their lifestyle to obtain that perfect smile!

Of course, getting a brace is a process that every patient must understand. You might be thrilled with getting Damon braces in Singapore from your local orthodontist. However, discovering the outline phases that patients may undergo before and after a procedure is vital to your experience. Without further ado, here are the phases for getting braces:

1. Consultation

Whether it’s ceramic or Damon braces, you’ll need to undergo a consultation first with an orthodontist to determine if there are any insufficiencies or problems that need fixing. The orthodontist will see if you have a jaw misalignment, underbite or overbite, or teeth crowding before discussing the options and screening for you.

2. Radiographs

Radiographs or x-rays are the second phases the patient must undergo to assess the teeth and bite from numerous angles. The pictures will help the orthodontist assess the teeth and bite of the patient with more level of accuracy to determine the ideal treatment plan. The braces will be tailored specifically for the patient’s current orthodontic problem.

3. Fitting application

Not all mouths are the same, so each set of braces must be compatible with a specific patient. Whether it’s lingual or Damon clear braces, the doctor must have all the details needed to determine which type of braces will work best and work to fit the braces and bond their brackets with the teeth via an adhesive.

4. Attaching the brace/retainer

The placement process of the braces will be complete once the custom wires and brackets are attached. The orthodontist will provide prescriptions and recommendations that the patient must follow after the procedure to ensure proper care and comfort while wearing the retainer or brace.

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